Why Plain English?
We communicate, therefore we are.
  It is true to say that language evolved so that we might understand one another better. It would be even truer to say that we only evolved because we learned to make ourselves clear.
  The whole point of communication is mutual understanding. That is why Plain English is the single most important tool in delivering your message to the maximum number of people.
The Benefits of Plain English
There are several benefits to Plain English:
Your message is understood quicker.
More people can understand your message.
Less time is spent correcting misunderstandings and issuing explanations.
  Ultimately, the use of Plain English saves you time, effort and money.
The Consequences of Jargon, Verbosity and Legalese
Oddly, many public bodies and corporate entities persist in using language that can be difficult to understand. There are a number of consequences:
Your message is misunderstood or goes unread.
The reader believes the author doesn’t understand the subject.
The reader believes the author is deliberately obscuring the message.
Avoid the Pitfalls
Whether you need to translate complex information into easily understandable English, or turn jargon and gobbledygook into language everyone can understand, I can help. For a fast turnaround at competitive rates, contact Declan Burke at dbrodb[at]gmail.com